The Foundation.  
  Survivor x Ricochet   Monkey Breath x Survivor  
  5-12 was ahead of her time! Stoutness, agility and great balance allowed her to make a huge contribution to our sow herd that will last a lifetime. After producing numerous champions over 12 years, we put this great sow to rest in the Fall of 2010.   6-11 was responsible for producing several show pig boars that we put into stud. Her correctness of skeleton and structure still resonates in our sow herd today.  
Super Natural x Fatal
Attraction x Immortal 69-3
  We lost this great sow over the Winter, but her contribution to our farm will be prevalent for many years.  She raised countless champions and in her last 2 litters she generated herd boars that went into stud – Tye One On and Walk This Way.  The two boar pigs mentioned won’t make the biggest contribution because they are the heaviest muscled or the most extreme, but both young sires will inject the same skeletal build into their offspring that helped their momma attain winning several major market hog shows.  Right now, we are watching this sows legacy continue to grow as her grand daughters have been responsible for generating several champions this Summer!!